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Far from being outrageous or loud, red is one of the best colours we can wear in our Swinging 6ixties. It's 60s Sensational!

For some reason, there are a lot of women our age who believe they can't wear red. That is so not true. In fact, red is one of the best colours to wear in your sixties.

Scarlet, ruby, crimson, merlot – all shades of wonderful red that bring life and joy to any outfit. Red is vibrant, it's fun, it's sexy, and it makes you stand out from the crowd. Isn't our goal to be noticed, to be seen?

So, yes, wear red – you just need to find the right shades for you. Start your scarlet search by locating a store with lots of colourful clothes. If the racks in a store contain a sea of greys, navies, blacks, or pastels, be like Dionne Warwick and walk on by. Once you've discovered a multicolor market, hunt and gather all the red clothes you can find and head to the dressing room.

There's nothing more sexy or figure-flattering than wearing red from head to toe.

Take note of what each shade does for you. Does your complexion brighten? Do the whites of your eyes look brighter? Does is feel right? When you walk around the store in the new outfit do other shoppers notice you?

Red comes in many shades, divided into three categories: warm, cool and neutral. You'll soon discover what category and which shades are perfect for your skin tones and shape. Whenever I wear tomato red people notice and comment, so I know it's one of the right shades for me.

Since orangey-reds suit me, I'm also drawn to warmer shades like fire and poppy red. But I do adore clear shades that might be considered more neutral, like ruby red, apple red, and scarlet. I'm least attracted to cool dark reds like mahogany or Bordeaux, although I do wear them in small doses.

Once I discovered that red is one of my best colours I made the decision to "mine" the colour and build a Red Capsule wardrobe for what I think of as My Swinging 6ixties Collection.

There's nothing more powerful, sexy, or figure-flattering than wearing head-to-toe red. You'll be amazed at how you feel in your all-red outfit and you'll delight in the crimson compliments that you receive from friends and strangers alike.

Red Styling Tips

  • Avoid wearing black with red. Black drains red and kills the joy of the colour.

  • Instead, style red separates with more red, hot pink, blush pink, navy, taupe, or white.

  • Challenge yourself to wear red from top to toe at least once a month.

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