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An A-line skirt feels as good as your jeans, but adds joy and glamour to your day.

My tartan A-line skirt gets a new look
A-line skirt paired with Vince Camuto snakeskin boots

It's time to dig out your classic A-line skirts and style them to look fresh and contemporary.

A fashion staple, an A-line skirt is feminine and flatters virtually all body types. It's ideal for my hour-glass shape, but no matter what your figure the A-line silhouette lends a nip-waisted effect. Here we take the tartan A-line skirt out of the stuffy ladies-who-lunch crowd to an edgier place. Think sightseeing in Paris, or attending an art gallery opening in SOHO.

The Zara cropped jacket is surprisingly well made
The Zara cropped jacket is surprisingly well made

That Zara cropped khaki jacket perfectly complements the skirt's navy, brown and rust colour combination.

High, platform blues
The belt accentuates helps to create a shape.

Although my Italian navy platform shoes are sky high, they're remarkably comfortable. While I wouldn't wear them sightseeing I would wear them on short jaunts around town. You might want to take a peek at Centodieci, a brand from Rome.

Paired with Vince Camuto snakeskin boots
High, platform blues.

I also love how the patterns of the A-line skirt clash with the Vince Camuto snakeskin boots to create a dynamic, unexpected pairing.

Vince Camuto snakeskin boot
Vince Camuto snakeskin boot

If you're itching to elevate a casual outfit, an A-line skirt feels just as good as your jeans (or yoga pants!) but will instantly add joy and glamour to your day, even if it only involves a grocery run!


  • Don't cover up an A-line skirt with a baggy sweater or shirt. Your shape will be lost in a sea of fabric.

  • Keep sweaters and shirts tucked or cropped to be keep the long leg-to-torso proportio

  • Platform shoes add an instant lift as well as an edge to an A-Line skirt.

  • Belt an A-line skirt to create a defined waist — even if you don't have one.

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