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You deserve to feel happiness when you open your closet doors. The right outfit can boost your mood and make you feel confident and attractive... and it all starts with your wardrobe.

My red power suit with sequined top.
My red power suit with sequined top.

Your Wardrobe Isn't A Museum

If you still have suits from the 1980s cluttering your closet you need to take stock. Make it a goal to transform your closet from museum to modern. Keep one or two memory pieces if you must, but your current wardrobe should be for the life you're living right here, right now. Pieces covered in plastic or zipped up in garment bags should be taken out, appreciated one last time, and then gently but firmly recycled to make room for the new you.

It Starts With The Right Hanger

Catalogue before you create. Start by sorting and hanging your clothes by type and colour – blouses, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts. For each type of clothing get matching hangers to make your closet look neat, uniform, and pleasing. (Think of the nearly-matching 19th-century buildings lining the grands boulevards of Paris!)

Make sure your closet is a showroom, not a storage shed, by using the correct type of hanger for each type of clothing, with only one item per hanger. (No wire hangers, please.) T-shirts and sweaters can be folded neatly in drawers. Give your clothes some breathing room.

My power look #2: the blue coat that always creates a buzz.
My power look #2: the blue coat that always creates a buzz.

Change Your Wardrobe, Change Your Mindset

You can have a vibrant, sexy wardrobe no matter what your age, but that wardrobe will change as you change. I'm already reading your mind: "I don't need more clothes now that I'm retired," you're thinking. Dear Reader, that is so wrong. The whole point of this journal is to remind you that you matter, at every stage of your life; in your Swinging 6ixties, more than ever, you need an inspirational wardrobe, even if you're just going to yoga, shopping, or hanging out with friends.

Sequined pantsuit with black faux fur coat. Power, anyone?
Sequined pantsuit with black faux fur coat. Power, anyone?

Cultivate One Or Two Power Outfits

What would you wear if you were invited to tea with Queen Margrethe in Copenhagen? Power outfits bring instant glamour, confidence, and plenty of compliments. My power outfits include my red suit, my powder-blue fur trimmed coat, my sequined jumpsuit. What are yours?

The real truth, though, is that you shouldn't "save" your power outfits for a royal event. Wear them when you're lunching with girlfriends or trying on shoes or going out on date night.

Your closet should be a happy place that adds a hit of dopamine to your life everyday. By the way, it's okay to be the best dressed person in the room. (Sorry, your Majesty.)

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