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For me, this is the best kind of early evening pick-me-up – pleasing the eye, nose, and mouth.

It's a tough job...
It's a tough job...

Start by holding your glass up to the light to admire this champagne's pale, golden colour and brilliant reflections. For me, this is the best kind of early evening pick-me-up. The aroma is fresh with white fruits like ripe apple and pear. The lingering taste is smooth and long with hints of wildflower honey.

Champagne CL de la Chapelle Brut Ecrin (to use the full name) starts out pleasing to the eye with fine, lively bubbles in a sparkling pale gold liquid. The "mousse" of a champagne is the feel of the wine in your mouth. With the Brut Ecrin the mousse is soft with delicate notes of toasted brioche.

The long-named champagne, "CL de la Chapelle Brut Ecrin"
The long-named champagne, "CL de la Chapelle Brut Ecrin"

Made with 50% Pinot Noir grapes, the champagne tastes creamy with a touch of green apple. I even tasted butter... yum! What it lacks in the mineral tastes common to many champagnes, the Brut Ecrin makes up with apples, citrus, even a touch of toasted baguette.

Pinot Noir is one of France's oldest varieties, originally cultivated by Cistercian monks in Burgundy. It’s one of just two dark grapes allowed in the making of champagne. Pinot Noir is used to create a special champagne cuvée called Blanc de Noirs, white wine made from black-skinned grapes.

If you're in the Champagne region on a Saturday, stop by the winery near Ville-Dommange for a champagne & food pairing. It's called The Saturday Experience and themes have included Champagne & Cheese and Champagne for the Holidays. Wish I were there this weekend!

Eye-pleasing pale gold colour.
Eye-pleasing pale gold colour.


  • Eye – pale, flaxen, blonde in colour.

  • Nose – Aromas are a blend of peaches, apricots, and plums with a hint of cinnamon.

  • Taste – Soft mousse, delicate, low minerality, no crispness. Soft green apple, and a buttery finish.

  • Overall – It's a fruity wine, lightly spicy and fresh right through to the end. Ripe, soft Pinot Noir is what creates this smoothly-textured champagne.

The long-named champagne, "CL de la Chapelle Brut Ecrin"


CL de la Chapelle Champagne (no, we don't know what the "CL" means.)

44 Rue De Reims

51390 Ville-Dommange, France


The Saturday Experience...

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