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Leopard prints and faux furs are bold, fun and surprisingly elegant.

Grrrreat looking leopard top & matching face mask
Grrrreat looking leopard top with skinny jeans & gold belt

Leopard is a classic print that's been around since sabre-tooth tigers roamed the Pleistocene plains. (I speculate). You can wear just a little animal print or you can wear a lot depending on your mood and the occasion. Perhaps start with a leopard scarf, then sneak in a few more pieces until you're head to toe (or is that paw?) in animal print and faux fur.

Leopard is a classic print that's been around since sabre-tooth tigers roamed the Earth

My zoological ensemble starts with a basic button–blouse with deep-blue Levi's 721 High-Rise skinny jeans. The gold link belt adds a touch of sparkle.

Faux fur vest
Faux fur vest with Levi's 311 721 High Rise jeans

A faux fur vest brings warmth, looks chic, and is one of the easiest ways to add flare to basic jeans and T-shirts. This vest is lined, and best of all, it has pockets.

These are the outfits your daughters will be stealing from your closet; pieces you'll treasure for years to come. Is there anything cooler than a seventy--something wearing a leopard ensemble?

Faux fur vest, detail
Faux fur vest detail

It's possible to go overboard. Have one neutral piece, like jeans, to keep the outfit balanced. Another balancing act with these animal-themed outfits is to keep the accessories simple.

Ensemble with faux fur

Once you start wearing leopard and faux fur, you'll be looking for more pieces to add to your closet menagerie.


  • Start your own leopard collection with accents like sunglasses, scarves, belts and boots.

  • Although leopard goes with black, it looks better with warmer colours. Think shades of tobacco, caramel, and butterscotch.

  • Always be on the "hunt" for faux fur pieces, especially in the fall & winter.

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