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Don't save them for your next invitation to the Met gala. The best time to start wearing sequins is right now!

Wearing sequins by day – with a faux fur coat

Sequins are smashing! They add instant glamour and pizzazz and say to the world, "Hello, I'm here, take notice!"

With jackets and accessories you can take sequins from day to night, from summer to winter. Don't hide your sequins away waiting for a New Year's Eve fete, wear them 365 days a year.

H&M sequin jumpsuit worn with a stretch belt

This sequin jumpsuit can be worn to dinner, whether at home or at a restaurant. Anytime you're considering wearing a dress, think about choosing a sequin jumpsuit instead.

The H&M sequin jumpsuit is simple in design with wide legs, a nipped waist, and a flattering V-neck. Truthfully, they're as comfortable as pajamas. Gold platforms look great peeking out beneath the shimmering sequin pants.

Add even more drama by draping a faux fur coat over your shoulders. A gold and black stretch belt is a chic accessory.

Gold platforms add to the sparkle

The best time to start wearing sequins is... right now! Celebrate every day with sparkle and shimmer. Sequins reflect light onto your complexion, giving it an instant boost. Roll out the Red Carpet!

Ivory day coat with black & gold scarf

Don't think you can wear sequins for day? Think again. The trick is to play them down. Swap the faux fur for a neutral ivory day coat to camoflauge most of the sequins. I'm ready for the grocery store!


  • Let the sequins do all the talking — keep jewellery and makeup to a minimum.

  • For daytime, add a simple cross-over black patent bag.

  • A black & gold leaf motif scarf bridges the gap between the sequins and the ivory day coat.

  • Stock up on sequins when you can find them in the shops — during the holiday season

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