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Every 6ixtysomething needs a red suit. I'll tell you why.

Simply put – red rocks !
Simply put – red rocks !

Humans are hardwired to red. It's the colour of kings and queens, strength and power, fast cars and sexy lipstick. Red is assertive, yet it remains modern and feminine.


  1. Revolutions are started by it.

  2. The camera loves it (even the camera in your mobile phone).

  3. There's no other colour that has the instant appeal.

When you remember that, you'll forgo those restrained navy and black suits in favour of a more fiery colour. In our swinging sixties, we don't need to play it safe; we need to choose colour that ramps up our style.

Less business, more blazing.
Less business, more blazing.

Naturally, every woman should own a red dress. But in this era — our swinging sixties — a red suit is even better. Red makes the buttoned-up, two-piece outfit feel less business and more blazing. The up-to-date look for trousers is above the ankle; a small detail that makes a big impact.

Red tuxedo jacket detail.
Red tuxedo jacket detail.

A red jacket is a positive statement. It says confidence, even power. My tuxedo jacket with a satin lapel collar, long sleeves, and pronounced shoulders instantly gives me a tailored silhouette.

In a sad drab world of black and brown, grey and navy, a life-affirming dose of red is a glittering antidote.

Here's an important sartorial tip — treat your red suit as if cost $400, no matter what the price tag, and get it altered to fit your body. My local tailor sees me often; it's essential to hem sleeves and trousers to fit my body.

Red Suit Styling Tips

  • Avoid wearing solid black with red. Black drains colour.

  • Style red with neutrals like ecru, camel, white or... more red!

  • Swap your black or navy blazers for a scarlet and crimson shades.

  • Gold accents like belts & earrings look fabulous with red.

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