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Our swinging sixties is the decade to practice luxury every day. There's no reason to save the good stuff for later. This is later.

Just back from my weekly champagne run!
Just back from my weekly champagne run!

Practicing daily luxury is easy. Get started by creating a list of how you can add luxury to your daily life. List ways to feel good about your surroundings, and ways to pamper yourself, your partner, and your family when they least expect it.

I'll start things off with one of my recent luxe lists.

Practical Luxury 101

1. Keep household accessories updated. It's easy to hang on to the same cushions and throws for years. Donating and replacing will add instant luxe to your home. Do this annually.

A simple glass of champagne makes any day luxurious.
A simple glass of champagne makes any day luxurious.

2. Stock up on champagne. (Or, I suppose, your other favorite beverage. Although how another drink could beat champagne for specialness and luxury I just don't know!) ANYWAY, always have a bottle of something chilled and bubbly in the fridge for unexpected guests. (By the way: if that chilled bubbly is champagne, please send me your address!)

3. Use it, don't just look at it. Drink your daily coffee and tea from your best cups. Give away and replace mismatched mugs and cups. I love to drink espresso from our Versace collection. (Notice how I name-dropped that right there?)

4. Get dressed up. Every day. Um, yeah, that's what we're all about.

I recently refreshed my kitchen linens with classic striped patterns from Williams-Sonoma
I recently refreshed my kitchen linens with classic striped patterns from Williams-Sonoma

5. Replace old tea towels, dish cloths, wash clothes, and towels. Buy the best bathroom towels, they will last for years. Dish cloths and tea towels should to be replaced more often — I swap out my kitchen linens at least annually.

6. Refresh flowers weekly. I instituted a fresh bouquet routine years ago and it's brought me nothing but pleasure. Flowers add glamour to my kitchen, let me practice my arranging skills, and makes my home feel more special.

7. Clean your bathrooms. I love pretending that I live in a hotel (a secret fantasy of mine), so I keep the bathrooms refreshed on a daily basis. I store a natural spray cleaner and a cloth under the sink for quick wipe-ups.

8. Make your bed. Every day. Do it first thing in the morning and your bedroom will instantly feel like hotel living.

The Ritz Style
The Ritz Style

9. Make your bedroom a sanctuary. It's the easiest room to decorate. E-visit the Ritz Paris for decorating ideas.

10. Use your best china, glassware & napkins. Every day. I love to donate old tableware that's not being used often or has simply been around for too long. Very Marie Kondo of me!

11. Find ways to surprise others. Take flowers to a friend, even if it's just a casual coffee date. Surprise your partner or lover with a homemade layer cake with frosting... and be sure to dress up for them in that luxurious cashmere sweater with the flattering neckline.

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