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2021 was big for me, fashion-wise. Here are ten things that added to the sartorial adventure.

1. Red & White

These two colours kicked off my journey on how colour can transform. Tomato red and ivory are now my two go-to colours.

2. NuFace

This efficacious microcurrent device has made a big difference to my skincare routine. It's helped to define my cheekbones, it's lifted my eyebrows, and it has improved the texture of my skin.

3. Sequins & Shimmer

Once relegated to Christmas sweaters, sequins and shimmer are now part of my everyday fashion whatever the season - spring, summer, fall, and even winter.

4. Platform & Wedge Shoes

These classic shoes have changed everything! They add height, they finish my outfits, they elongate my leg, and, best of all, they are comfortable to wear. I will never wear flats again. Ever.

5. The Gold Belt

More than any other accessory, the gold belt has helped to finish my outfits. Once I added gold belts to my fashion arsenal, my daily look improved.

6. Dressing Up Every day

Each day is another opportunity to dress up – to not only look good, but to feel great about yourself, even when you're just staying at home. I love organizing my closet so I can easily grab clothes that inspire me to dress up in the morning.

7. The Leopard Coat

This cozy, sexy faux fur coat is not only a fashion statement but it's warm in the winter weather. Building a coat wardrobe was one of the best things I did in 2021.

8. Expanding My Eyeglass Collection

Prior to 2021 I had one pair of glasses. Looking back, that seems so sad! I now own three stylish pairs and plan to double that in 2022. Having a stable of eyeglasses makes sense. They are now part of my daily fashion statement.

9. Making Fashion a Major Player

Fashion was not something I used to think about on a daily basis. Now fashion it brings me such joy every day.

10. Starting My Fashion Blog

After a lifetime of avoiding the camera, I now embrace the lens. It's challenging, invigorating, and rewarding all at the same time. You may not start a blog, but I challenge you to take photos of yourself in your outfits. Who knows what you will learn and where it will lead?

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