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In my Swinging 6ixties the yoga I practice is gentle, soothing, and healing. It brings me so much joy. So I try to dress to bring joy to the yoga studio as well.

Dressed to pose. In a red-themed yoga outfit.
Dressed to pose. In a red-themed yoga outfit.

I'm not in yoga to prove anything or to push myself into poses that might do more harm than good. Going to yoga is a highlight of my weekly schedule. It makes me feel good, and I make yoga a priority.

But what I've noticed in my yoga coterie is a very casual attitude to dressing for the in-studio sessions. In my favorite class – Yoga for 50-plus – I'm surrounded by women who are wrapped in old grey sweatpants, oversized T-shirts, and other sad outfits that I wouldn't wear to clean the garage. (As if I would ever clean the garage!)

I dress for yoga in a way that brings me joy and, as I have discovered, joy to others. Yoga class is a great opportunity to present yourself in a way that kindles energy and beauty in the studio. It's another opportunity to show the world that you matter... even if it's just in a yoga class filled with women in their sixties and beyond.

Beneath the hood – active-wear sports bra by Victoria's Secret.
Beneath the hood – active-wear sports bra by Victoria's Secret.

I love to pair red yoga pants with a sparkly red top. Underneath is an active-wear sports bra by Victoria Secret, also in red. This is what I think of as hot yoga!

Here's my number one tip for yoga clothes – you don't need to go to Lululemon. Instead, shop in your normal clothing stores. Just be on the look-out for soft knit tops and bottoms that move with you and, most importantly, look good and creates joy in a room.

Heading out to the yoga studio.
Heading out to the yoga studio.

Make sure the top you choose isn't just a shapeless rectangle. Even if you have a tummy, the top should have a silhouette that just lightly caresses your curves. Please leave those shapeless T-shirts at home next to your cleaning supplies. (In case you do venture out into the garage!)

Finally, branch out from black and grey. Yoga wear doesn't have to be drab. My tips on tonal dressing apply to yoga as well. I have an array of tops and bottoms in red, taupe, green, and orange that allow me to create yoga outfits to suit my mood.

Yoga Style Tips

  • Look for shapely tops that have movement and a playful quality.

  • Extend tonal dressing to yoga – an all-red outfit is always appealing.

  • A touch of sequins goes a long way to adding zest to your next yoga class!

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