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Before my fashion transformation I never wore sparkly clothes. Boy, did I ever miss out!

Silver knit top with sparkly scarf, balanced with neutrals
Silver knit top with sparkly scarf, balanced with neutrals

Like most women I thought sparkly sweaters, dresses and blazers were relegated to the holidays, if ever. But, that was back in the Old Days... you know, when I was in my fifties. Now I'm all about glitter, twinkle, and shimmer.

Silver knit top with sparkly scarf, put together with neutrals
Silver shoes shimmer!

That's right — since my swinging sixties fashion epiphany I embrace sparkle even during the day when I'm home alone. Sparkly clothes bring a lot to the party (so to speak). Firstly, they instantly brighten your skin, adding elan to any outfit. Secondly, they add shimmer and shine to your figure.

Buy shimmery, sequined separates during the holidays. Then wear them all year!

Don't believe me? Then take a look at that silver knit sweater with a scoop neck and long sleeves — a perfect building block in my shimmering collection.

The trick to wearing a sparkly separate is to dress it down with neutrals like the white blazer and ecru pants. Who knows — as your confidence builds, you might one day wear silver from top to toe.

Silver shoes shimmer!
There's tremendous twinkle in this duo

Sparkly clothes in our swinging sixties make a lot of sense. We need clothes that stand out. We need clothes with star quality. We need clothes that twinkle!

Glittering gold Michael Kors platform sandals
Glittering gold Michael Kors platform sandals

When wearing sparkly clothes it's all about balance. This outfit doesn't need any accessories — the Michael Kors gold sandals add a soupçon of shimmer. I would happily wear this outfit to lunch, for a coffee run, even to the grocery store.


  • The holidays are an ideal time to stock up on shimmery, sequined pieces. Then, wear them all year!

  • A simple, sequin top adds panache to yoga pants and a cashmere cardigan.

  • Be on the lookout for shiny accessories like purses, running shoes, and scarves.

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