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In our Swinging 6ixties, it's vital to highlight our best features and show off our best silhouette.

Salma knows how to define her silhouette!
Salma knows how to define her silhouette!

We may not have the same figure as we did in our twenties... or as Salma Hayek has now, but we deserve to dress the body we do have in a flattering light. Take the time to make an inventory of the shapes, fabrics, and silhouettes that best suit you now.

Go through your wardrobe and cull pieces that no longer fit you, or do not reflect your current lifestyle. Those power suits from your corporate days no longer deserve taking space in your closet — you're dressing differently now. (But that doesn't mean yoga pants and a sweatshirt!)

A sawtooth waistline helps define my silhouette.
A sawtooth waistline helps define my silhouette.

Get to know your current body type. Are you a rectangle, a triangle, an inverted triangle, round, or an hourglass? Do you want to emphasize your long legs, your willowy shape, your broad shoulders, or your shapely arms? Whatever you decide, don't try to hide a tummy beneath shapeless clothes. No matter what your size or body type, you need to show shape.

For me, it's all about defining my hourglass shape — shoulders and hips at about the same size, with a defined waistline.

A flattering V-neck and a belt that accentuates an hour-glass figure.
A flattering V-neck and a belt that accentuates an hour-glass figure.

My best necklines are V-necks, wide scoops, and square necklines as they elongate my body, create space between my face and my décolletage, and minimize my bust.

I stay clear of sweaters and jackets that cut me off at the hipline - they hide my waist and create a short leg line. Instead, I opt for shorter jackets that hit me at the waist. These small details make a world of difference.

I also avoid empire waists, shapeless clothes, and anything frilly around my neckline. Turtlenecks are absolutely banned from my closet as are any restrictive necklines. As much as I love bulky cable knit sweaters, they do not work me. C'est la vie!

Instead, I look for tailored pieces: high-waisted trousers, fitted jackets with a strong shoulder, blouses with darts, pants that skim my hips, and A-line dresses and skirts.

Fashion brings me joy. When I'm dressed well, I'm happy to look in the mirror, I move with confidence, and, as the French say, je suis bien dans ma peau. I feel comfortable in my skin.

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