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Here's how women our age can wear cowboy boots intended for much younger women.

White ankle boots from Zara
White ankle boots from Zara

Let's discover how these white ankle boots can do the talking. (Or is that the walking?) How on earth can women our age wear cowboy boots that are clearly intended for much younger women?

It's not easy. These sassy boots from Zara have plenty of attitude and it took some styling effort to make them not look trop jeune — too young. But I'm super happy with how they add allure to this all neutral outfit. As much as I adore colour, there's something oh so chic about a tonal ensemble.

White from coat to toe.
White from coat to toe.

For the record, these boots are super comfy. I refuse to wear footwear that causes me any discomfort. Although they are pointy, they're wide at the widest part of my foot, meaning no squished toes. I also like that there's a zipper, making them easy to slip on and off. The sole and two-inch heel in contrasting black are subtle details that make the boots appear more expensive than they actually were.

I refuse to wear footwear that causes me any discomfort.

Here I've paired the cowboy boots with my favourite trousers. You know how much I adore these high-waisted, cropped, wide-leg trousers. (Whew, that was a lot of modifiers for a simple pair of pants!) No wonder I have them in five colours — white, beige, light blue, navy and black. I've worn them in spring, summer and now into fall.

The neutral, scoop T-shirt is from UniQlo. These basic heattech T-shirts are a building block in my wardrobe. They look great tucked into jeans, and can be used to layer. I have several of them in neutral tones. The deep scoop is flattering for my hourglass shape but they're also available in crew and turtleneck options.

You'll be seeing more of these white ankle cowboy boots as I wear them with jeans, skirts and even some dresses. Are you ready boots? Start walking!

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