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A chic, elegant coat can unleash your inner power. Even in our Swinging 6ixties, a glamour coat sends out a strong signal to the world: "I'm here and I deserve to be noticed." In a good way!

This blue coat by Zara sports design details like a ¾ length, matching belt, pockets, and a shawl collar. But what makes it a star, what turns it into a glamour coat, is the colour (powder blue, or sky blue, as Zara would have it), and the bold, faux-fur collar.

Zara model wearing the powder blue coat.
Zara model wearing the powder blue coat.

On the Zara photo model, the coat hangs differently. It overwhelms her delicate proportions and the strong features of the coat are nearly lost. When I put it on, I fill the coat with shoulders and bust and the piece becomes alive. The coat just doesn't look as strong on a thin younger woman.

Last Saturday Mr Swinging and I were sauntering along the downtown streets and Powder Blue was certainly getting noticed. A busker stopped her song to shout out a compliment. A gaggle of usual suspects took the fags out of their mouths long enough to to say, "You look like a movie star." "What a beautiful coat," said a couple of mothers pushing strollers. Kids holding balloons, couples holding hands, sales clerks handling cash stopped to look and exclaim. "You look marvellous!"

The last time I had that much attention walking down the street was when I was twenty years old wearing tight Levi's with long curly hair flying in the breeze. I didn't expect it in my Swinging 6ixties.

It was a sunny afternoon and the light was perfect. So, I posed outside our favourite sushi restaurant, on the neighboring terrace of an Italian restaurant, in front of a fountain.

It's a happy coincidence that I have matching blue trousers and a floral top with yellow and powder-blue flowers.

As I've discovered, it's worth going on a treasure hunt looking for a coat that can make you feel and look like a movie star — the very reason I call it a glamour coat.

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