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Make a resolution to feel & look better in 2022 — another great year in your swinging 6ixties.

1. Invest in a Microcurrent Device

Assuming your skincare routine already includes active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and sunscreen, the next step is to invest in a microcurrent device. In just five minutes a day, NuFace can tone, lift, and plump your skin for a youthful, glow.

2. Start Wearing White Jeans

Nothing says ageless dressing like a pair of white jeans, worn at any time of year. Jacqueline Onassis shook the fashion world with her white jeans, black T-shirt, and oversize sunglasses. It was so refreshing!

3. Ditch the Scarves

Have you, too, noticed the ubiquitous fashion advice to wear scarves? My advice? Just say no — scarves are a fashion crutch that women throw on when they don't know what else to do. A scarf doesn't complete an outfit, but adds bulk to the face. Try it — take off the scarf and see how much younger and sleeker you look. Showing your neck helps to elongate your body.

4. Discover Your Best Colours

The colours that are best for you are those that brighten your complexion... AND get you the most compliments! If you can't name your best colours off the top of your head, start looking for clues. Once you identify your best hues, invest in separates to create tonal outfits.

6. Embrace Your Natural Hair Colour

Don't cling to the hair colour you had in your thirties. (Or your twenties... you know who we're talking about!) Dark brown or bright blonde hair is aging and the upkeep is usually not worth the time, money, and effort. Make 2022 the year you say goodbye to the dye. A good sylist can help you with the transition.

7. Start Including Ten Minutes of Daily Exercise

If you don't exercise, start. If it's only ten minutes, make it muscle building — deadlifts, overhead presses, bicep curls. Keeping and building muscle should be priority #1 in our swinging 6ixties.

8. Ditch Your Old Makeup

Go through your makeup bag and retire any blush, mascara, and lipstick that you've been toting around since the aughts. Replace them with softer, subtler shades and simplify your makeup routine.

9. Add an Acid Peel to Your Skincare Regime

The consistent use of an acid peel like alpha-hydroxy will improve your skin. The effects are cumulative; a once-a-week peel will help to build collagen, erase fine lines and brighten your complexion.

10. Start a List of Things that Bring You Joy

For me, it's singing and playing my ukulele, arranging flowers, going on walks with friends, cycling, cooking, and yoga classes at my favourite studio. What's on your list?

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