If you're like me, you don't want to be invisible or fade away in this swinging decade. We want to stand out — for all the right reasons — and to feel vibrant, alive, and beautiful.

Picture this — I'm wearing a bright, blue and green psychedelic Nehru jacket with silky, palazzo pants. That's when my interest in fashion began. I was 9 years old. That jacket sparked a lifelong passion.

I've upped my fashion game since I turned sixty. I dress better, I shop more often, I choose more colours, and I carefully consider my outfits. It's all about looking and feeling better and (yes!) younger.

The same applies to skincare. I now have a skincare routine (and a few handy devices) that has brightened my skin, paused the aging button, and given me hope for the future. 

I hope to excite you, inspire you, empower you to improve your fashion game and to help you live life to the fullest throughout your troisième âge.



Thanks for swinging!